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You can express yourself and give life to your concepts, goods, and services through the creation of 2D animation videos. Videos are the most popular form of user interaction, and animation adds magic, excitement, and fun. After all, communicating the value of your brand is a crucial component of marketing. The best 2D animation video agency is Addaxart, which is based in India. In order to tell your story and introduce fresh business concepts for industry diversification, we incorporate various animations.

Benefits of 2D animation videos: 2D animation production company Delhi

There are many advantages to using animation services to promote your brand. The following are some advantages of using animation services.

Animation Enables Storytelling in Videos: An animated video can assist the brand in telling its story and informing the public about it. Although a copy can accomplish the same task, most people learn better from videos.

The video starts to look appealing: The video is visually appealing thanks to the use of animation. Any brand’s main goal is to capture the interest of its audience. The promotional videos must be engaging and stimulating in order to keep viewers attention on a specific brand while preventing boredom. Customers will become more engaged as a result of this.

Watching an animated video increases retention: We can remember more than 90% of the information from a video than a text. According to studies, reading only text results in understanding only 10% of the message.

Versatility: Animated videos are particularly adaptable because they let us watch the video while also enjoying the music, graphics, and voice-over. So, compared to text or audio, animated videos have more to offer.

Animation in videos is powerful: To their viewers, animated videos can deliver a message. In contrast to radio advertisements, it aids in raising awareness.

Types of 2D Animation Video which 2D production company NCR make

Explanation video

A short-form video that highlights a company’s product, service, or business idea in an effective and compelling way is known as an explainer video. These videos are typically used for marketing or sales purposes. Business websites frequently host explainer videos on their landing pages or feature them on the homepage. Some people even use social media websites like Facebook or YouTube to advertise their products or services.

Video Commercial

Making a brief, educational video to advertise a product and playing it before, during, or after the main video is known as video advertising. It helps communicate information succinctly and captivatingly, reach a larger audience, tell a story, boost sales, and create buzz.

Orientation Videos

The title says it all, but allow me to elaborate so that we both understand. Companies use user onboarding videos to simplify the onboarding process for new users. When the user has already made up their mind to use your product, an onboarding video appears in the final stage of your conversion funnel. However, your new customer might find it difficult to get started with a new product. In order to make things simpler, a user onboarding video can be very helpful in guiding the user toward the appropriate starting point. Therefore, a user onboarding video will highlight just one feature or a select few of them to give a head start rather than providing a brief demonstration or a thorough walkthrough.

Video tutorials

A tutorial video is similar to holding your user’s hand and demonstrating how to use your product to carry out a specific task or action. A tutorial video may last longer if there are numerous steps involved in carrying out the action. As an alternative, it can be completed in less time if you just click, select, and press OK In either case, when viewers can see and hear the instructor, product tutorial videos are more effective. Compared to watching animated figures, it makes the video more interesting and entertaining.

Individual animated video

The term custom is a shorthand for unique. This is the video that serves as the standard for custom
animated videos.

is imaginative, uses an original design that is not found anywhere else, and is considered to be the intellectual property of your company. It was created to meet a specific marketing goal and will be displayed to a clearly defined user segment.

As a side note, 81% of users anticipate a personalised approach from brands. They want businesses to know what kind of video content their customers are expecting from them and when they are ready to view it.

Social media animated videos

Video is one of the most effective tools you have at your disposal when it comes to social media marketing. Videos can be used to advertise your goods or services as well as to create interesting content that attracts new followers. In fact, videos are so successful that almost 90% of companies now incorporate them into their social media marketing plans. So, if you haven’t started using video, do so right away.

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