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Motion graphic videos are a great way to grab attention and make a point on a variety of platforms because people respond to visual elements better than just reading text. They use a combination of animation, video, sound, infographics, and animated text to conceptualize concepts and information visually, making it simpler for prospective clients and customers to comprehend what you do and take action. The best part is that they add to website content and are simpler to share on social media. All of this increases engagement and humanizes brands.

How do motion graphics work?

Simply put, motion graphics are animated designs with text prominently displayed. Motion graphic advertisements, motion graphic commercials, motion graphic animations, and even mographs are other names for them.

Consider the beginning of many movies for excellent examples of motion graphic animations. A fantastic score that frequently features effects like blaster shots and ominous drums matches the motion text perfectly. This assists in conveying a crucial message and mentally readies the audience for what is to come.

Motion Advertising Agency Delhi’s advantages

There are many uses for graphics and motion designs. Here are a few typical justifications for using motion graphic animations.

Quickly Grab Attention: When was the last time you read a lengthy article from beginning to end? Most likely, you can’t recall. That’s because the majority of people don’t read lengthy content. According to a Microsoft study, the human attention span has been reduced to 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish due to the consumption of digital content. Marketers must captivate viewers and still the key points from a lengthy article into a succinct video that is only 30 to 60 seconds long.

Increased Engagement and Conversions: The best motion graphics will appeal to both visual and auditory learners in your audience by combining excellent visuals, the right music or speaker, and compelling text. The addition of videos to a page might be just what businesses need to revitalize their content marketing initiatives.

Videos significantly increase CTR and result in a 157% increase in organic traffic. More significantly, watching a message in a video helps viewers remember it 95% better than reading it in text. The statistics are unambiguous: if you want to see actual results, this is the course to take.

Highlighting a Point: Motion graphics strengthen the concept you’re trying to convey in the text by illustrating your message. Always keep in mind that a picture speaks a thousand words and a video speaks a million.

Clarify Complicated Data: Motion graphics advertising can be used by companies, organizations, or groups that provide complex services to simplify and make it easier to understand. Videos with motion graphics are fantastic visual aids that greatly simplify learning.

Time and money efficient: Motion graphics are less expensive and simpler to make than other animations and videos. It is simpler to make and takes little time to complete.

A few suggestions for incorporating motion graphics into your marketing strategy:

Simple Explainer Videos for Difficult Concepts: Simple explanations of complex procedures, services, or ideas are provided in explainer videos. Posting the explainer video and a comprehensive guide will make it much simpler for viewers to understand what is being said.

Interactive Posts on Social Media: Why not engage your social media audience with an intriguing motion graphic video instead of posting a static image with a lengthy caption that the majority of viewers will probably not read? Brand awareness will rise if you use consistent design techniques throughout the videos (like an opening title sequence).

Social media ads: Ads that last for two to three minutes are no longer popular. On social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, you could get a lot more engagement by delivering your message in a 15–30 second video ad. Micro-ads perform significantly better in a mobile-first marketing environment, particularly on smartphones.

Motion Marketing Services Agency Delhi/NCR

Alternative Typography: A form of animation known as kinetic typography employs moving text to draw viewers in, establish a mood, and amuse them. Commercials, music videos, mobile apps, and websites all use it to enhance the impact and artistic quality of their words at the moment.

Progressive Animated Titles: Advanced animated titles draw attention to a particular feature or object in a video by enhancing the existing video footage with text overlays.

Moving Logos: Simply put, a logo animation (or animated logo) is your logo with motion graphics or animation added to it. It;s critical to consider the company’s values and goals when animating a logo so that we can incorporate these concepts into your animation. Your brand’s visual identity is represented by a logo.

Loops of Animated Graphics: Graphic loops are straightforward components that animate in a seamless loop and can be displayed at trade shows, events, or on your website.

Module Editing: We can alter the motion graphics templates you already have or those you find in our libraries of Premium Stock images.

Effects of Transition: Motion graphics rely heavily on transition effects. They are employed to smoothly transition from one shot to the next.

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Motion Advertising Services

Animated Typography
Animated typography is moving text used to express ideas and tell stories. It is an effective tool for social media marketing.
Advanced Animated Titles
Advanced animated titles enhance existing video footage using a text overlay that draws focus to a specific feature or object in a video.
Animated Logos
Sometimes referred to as a production logo or vanity card, an animated logo brings your logo to life using original animation styles.
Animated Graphic Loops
Whether on display at trade shows, events, or on your website, graphic loops are simple elements that animate in a seamless loop.
Template Editing
We can customize your existing motion graphics templates or templates that you find through our Premium Stock libraries.
Transition Effects
Transition Effects are a staple of motion graphics. They are used to move from one shot to the next in an engaging and interesting way.
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