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After the shooting is finished, the visual and audio materials are edited during the post-production phase.

All of the activities involved in cutting raw footage, putting that footage together, adding music, dubbing, and sound effects, to name a few, are referred to as post-production.

Depending on the project’s size and requirements, the post-production process spans several months or even an entire year.

Team of Post-Production Services in Delhi NCR

We have a group of skilled internal editors who provide post-production Delhi services with a quick turnaround. For our partner clients various projects, we have produced tens of thousands of edits. Sizzle reels, social media repurposing of long-form content, edited material shot by producers worldwide, and video content for presentations are all examples of different types of videos.

We use to review and approval software to ensure that all client feedback is handled effectively and clearly when responding to a brief. We use the specialized editing program Adobe Premiere, which makes our edits simple to transfer between businesses.

Our edits are easily transferable between organizations thanks to Premiere.

We can also handle sound mixing, visual effects, and music composition. This is a post-production feature that is frequently disregarded. We can tenfold enhance your video with the help of our expertise in sound editing.

Types of Post-Production Services NCR

Few people realize the amount of information and expertise that goes into a quality post-production service in Delhi NCR. A complete list of the services that could be provided as part of post-production is provided below. We’ll talk about:

Editing: When people hear the term post-production, editing frequently comes to mind. To tell the desired story, you must choose which clips from your shoot to use and arrange them in a particular order. Editing involves modifying both images and sounds. The soundtrack, credits, foley sound, sound effects, and any lower thirds (such as the title of a speaker or the title of an episode) would also be included.

Color-Correction: A component of editing that is frequently overlooked but has a significant impact on your video is color correction. There’s a good chance that you’ll be filming a video with several cameras in various locations. While it is the responsibility of production to ensure that lighting and camera settings are as uniform as possible during filming, there will inevitably be differences in lighting and color depth after the fact. The use of color correction helps to establish the mood of your video and maintain the flow of your narrative.

Visual Effects: Another category with a wide range of potential items is visual effects. In post- production, visual effects like green-screen composites and muzzle flashes are created. The phrase can be used to describe any image that, for any reason, could not be captured on film during production.

A type of visual effect known as CGI, or computer-generated images, uses a computer to create characters, models, or designs. In commercial filmmaking, it is the most typical type of visual effects and it requires skill and effort.

Remember that special effects, which are ones used in production like prosthetic makeup or on-set explosions, should not be confused with visual effects.

Animation: Another post-production service a company might provide is animation. Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion using a quick succession of sequential images that only slightly differ from one another. Despite the fact that most modern animation is technically computer-generated imagery (CGI), there is a subtle difference between the two. Typically, the term CGI refers to images that are intended to look realistic, whereas animation does not pretend to be real life.

Distribution: The term video distribution also covers a wide range of topics. Platforms can include social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, and television networks like Comedy Central or MTV.

Each social media platform has different video specifications, such as maximum length and aspect ratio. This may affect how many different versions of a video need to be exported once it has been edited and colored.


Finally, post-production services can cover a wide range of activities, such as editing, which entails the basic arrangement of audio and visual content, color correction to add the finishing touches animation, distribution to ensure your video is seen, and visual effects to meet any creative needs. Hiring a skilled media company can make the post-production process for your company much simpler. It will not only save you time but also guarantee that the right procedures are followed to produce the highest-quality edit and ensure that your video is viewed by as many people as possible. Contact us today.

Post Production Services

video Editing
We offer video editing services for film, television, corporate, industrial, commercial, and music video projects.
color correction
Our color correction services make your shots seamless. Different cameras? No problem.
color grading
Color grading breathes life into an image, whether it’s a still or a video. We color grade to make scenes beautiful, sad, scary, romantic, and more!
Media Buying And Planning
Make the most of your media buying dollars with smart media buying. We’re ready to make media buying magic with you.
sound mixing
Among the last steps of post-production, sound mixing is the process of balancing, polishing and perfecting the audio.
In Image enhancement we remove noise, sharpen, or brighten an image, making it easier to identify key features.

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