Pre-Production Delhi : What Is It?

Pre-production is the unsung hero of any great video project, coming before the lights, the camera, and
the action. Yes, being on set has its own allure, and yes, the story really comes together in post-
production. But none of that would even be possible without the careful, meticulous work done in pre-
production. Pre-production, in other words, is the stage where you lay the foundation for your video’s

Pre-Production Services in Delhi

At the risk of being overly simplistic, pre-production is primarily concerned with top-tier creative and logistics.

Pre-production Delhi is all about honing your concept, writing a polished script, storyboarding, etc. on the creative side. Basically, just do everything you can to make sure you fully understand the narrative you want to construct.

On the other hand, the logistical portion of pre-production is where you figure out how you ll bring that grand vision to life. Who is the ideal candidate to play this part? What location would be ideal for this scene? Oh, and how exactly will these shoot days look? Any excellent pre-production teams job is to have all the answers to these questions (and just so, so many more) down pat.

A Brief Introduction To Our Pre-Production Services in NCR

At Addaxart, we are aware of how crucial each and every detail, no matter how minor, is to a projects success. The success of the production is then ensured because each pre-production stage informs the one that follows. In light of this, we guarantee the highest quality in all pre-production activities, including casting, scripting, location scouting, and light design. We have you covered whether this is just the beginning of your production journey with us or if you only require some à la carte assistance with a specific area.

Write scripts

Addaxart’s team of talented writers will work with you to maximize the potential of the written word, whether it be yours, ours, or a combination of the two, whether you have a fully developed script in hand or just an idea in your head. For use in commercials, corporate/industrial/training videos, e- learning videos, viral marketing campaigns, and even feature films, we have a great deal of experience writing, adapting, and revising written content.

In addition to being experts at developing creative content, Addaxart is also skilled at ensuring that your writing—as well as ours—translates flawlessly to the screen. We have the tools necessary to format scripts correctly for both the master screenplay (drama) format and the two-column format. We can also quickly create reports on scenes, characters, and locations, as well as sides for cast members.


There are numerous components that go into production, not to state the obvious. Each component—from sound design to props to costumes and more—adds up. Particularly in terms of expenses

Budgeting can help with that. As much as we d like to approach a project with only the artistic vision we spent months or even years developing, funding is a crucial consideration. The world does, after all, revolve around it!

The first step in creating the production of your dreams is entering a project with a realistic understanding of your budget.

We at Addaxart are here to assist you with every aspect of budgeting. We are aware of how crucially important your time and money are. We collaborate with you to develop the ideal strategy because of this.

Story Boarding

Your movie, commercial, or short video script must still be completed before production can begin. The next step is to make a shot list in order to further streamline your shooting vision. By doing this, you can be sure that youre making the most of your set time and getting all the necessary footage. A shot list helps you stay organized, but turning your shot list into a storyboard adds more detail and increases the efficiency of your shoot.


Who appears in your video project is just as important as anything else, according to Addaxart. Our talented casting staff works on projects ranging from government-sponsored educational videos to hip- hop music videos. We know which actor to use in your advertisement to ensure that viewers feel either welcomed or intrigued or both! We choose our actors from among the best and brightest in the Southeast and have cultivated relationships with them so that we are confident in recommending them for the part.

Work with a production company that recognizes the value of casting. Utilize an Addaxart. Start the discussion right away!

Place scouting

Our in-house team has found locations with ease, regardless of the scope, size, or timeline of a project. No matter what, we put forth an efficient and effective effort to locate the locations you require. Contact Addaxart right away if youre ready to find the ideal setting for your upcoming production.

Pre-Production Services

Script Writing
From feature films, to documentaries, to animated explainers, our writing team will craft the perfect tale.
Story boarding
Familiar with every type of storyboard, our staff artists can create detailed panels to save you time and money once you’re on set.
It’s all about the money. Our budgeting for video services make sure you have the best video for your bucks.
location scouting
Looking for just the right location for your next production? We’ll help you track it down.
set construction
We’re putting hammer to nail to build you the set of your dreams, one flat at a time!
Find the perfect actor for any role with the help of our amazing team of casting professionals.
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